Hair Volume™ - 90 tabl.

Hair growth & volume

The AWARD-WINNING Hair Volume™ tablet has been on the market for over 10 years. After launching in 2011, the tablet quickly became popular and it is sold today in more than 35 countries around the world. Hair Volume™ is both clinically documented and has won prestigious awards around the world. 

CLINICALLY PROVEN | Can maintain visibly thicker, more beautiful and shinier hair
BIOTIN & ZINC | Can help maintain normal hair and skin
COPPER | Contributes to normal pigmentation of the hair
AWARD-WINNING | Has won prestigious awards around the world


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Formulated for thicker and more beautiful hair

Hair Volume™ tablets are an award-winning and clinically tested formula which makes your hair grow thicker in just two months. Your hair may be silently starving for nutrition. Here's why: Long-lasting hair health starts at the cellular level with strong follicles, which give you full and vibrant hair. Unfortunately, your hair follicles aren't a top destination for nutrients in the body. Your body prioritises vital organs over hair follicles, especially under stress and hormonal changes. The beauty of your hair is only secondary when the body doesn't have enough nutrients.

Thinning hair?

Is your hair thinning? Many feel awkward or ashamed because of thinning or shedding hair. Do you experience thinning hair, and has it affected your self-esteem or how you feel about yourself? If you are looking for a solution that would help you get thicker, shinier, and more beautiful hair, we have something that could help you.

Amazing clinical results

While the growth cycle of hair is long and can take 3 to 6 years to complete, you don't have to wait forever to see results when taking Hair Volume™. Our "Gold Standard" clinically tested Hair Volume™ formula, confirmed in the 2018 Paris study, shows that hair will grow thicker and denser in two months. Nine out of 10 participants felt their hair was more beautiful than before, and 7 out of 10 reported feeling stronger after using Hair Volume™.

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Our secret ingredient

After years of research to establish the best apple varieties for Hair Volume, François Gérard and New Nordic’s founder Karl Kristian Bergman Jensen finally found the Annurca apple. Annurca apples are probably the oldest known apple variety in the world. They grow in volcanic soil in Southern Italy. The apples are small, juicy, and sweet but with little acid, and extra high levels of proantocyanidin. The extract from the Annurca apple has a particularly high natural content of a special proantocyanidin, and this makes it just the right apple for Hair Volume™.

Recommended by people all over the world

The best-reviewed hair tablet in the World

In addition to your fellow women praising Hair Volume™, this fantastic tablet has received several beauty awards throughout Europe and North America. Hair Volume™ is probably the most award-winning hair tablet in the World.

Praised by millions all over the World

Women and men of all ages and cultures are satisfied with Hair Volume™. After years of research and testing, Hair Volume™ was launched in Scandinavia in 2011. The tablets are all manufactured in Sweden and Denmark under pharmaceutical control and strict quality standards. Hair Volume™ is sold in more than 40 countries all over the World and in more than 50.000 pharmacies, from China in the East to the USA in the West.

Beauty In & Out

Here at New Nordic, we specialise in herbal supplements and beauty products based on scientific studies, resulting in innovative, effective products that work harmoniously with your body. Using tablets and hair care products with the same active herbal ingredients is a great way to care for your hair inside and out. It is a new and holistic way of taking care of your hair. With this new beauty routine, your hair is treated both from the inside and out, precisely what Beauty In & Out™ is all about. Hair Volume™ is a unique and revolutionary beauty treatment that gives your hair extraordinary results.