"It looked like I was going bald”

Georgia, 27, is originally from Manchester but now lives a very hectic life in London. She's always putting others first, volunteering for a domestic abuse charity, looking after her beloved Border Collie plus working two jobs. After years of being unhappy with her hair, now was finally the time to treat herself.

Years of heat and bleach damage

Georgia was struggling to maintain a consistent and healthy haircare routine. Years of excessive heat for volume and frequent bleaching had left her hair damaged, making her feel extremely insecure.

"I was so self-conscious of my flat hair and its lack of volume; I looked bald in places.

It was so dry and damaged I decided to stop dyeing it and try to grow it out.  I knew that I needed something extra to achieve this and that's when I found Hair Volume™ from New Nordic"

I needed something that would fit my busy lifestyle

The Hair Volume™ range seemed perfect for Georgia's busy lifestyle. She needed products that could effortlessly fit into her daily routine while nourishing and repairing her hair. The Hair Volume™ tablets are taken once a day which was so convenient for her. When combined with the rest of the Hair Volume™ range, she soon noticed her hair feeling thicker and smoother.

 "I love a pampering session when I get the time so, I started to use the Hair Volume™ Repair Mask as well, this made me feel like I'd come from the salon! I use a lot less heat for styling and it doesn't feel dry anymore. I can't stop running my fingers through it and even my nails are stronger."

I never thought my hair could feel like this again

After three months of maintaining her new routine with Hair Volume™, Georgia finally feels confident about her hair.

“I'm really impressed, Hair Volume™ has made my hair grow quicker and it’s significantly healthier! Now I hardly use heat to increase volume because this is achieved naturally! My scalp is also a lot less visible than it was before, which has improved my self-confidence. I never thought my hair could feel like this after all the dyeing and heat I used. I am so pleased and will continue to use the Hair Volume™ range now that I've found it."

Thicker, beautiful and shiny hair

Hair Volume™ stands out as a clinically proven hair tablet that not only gives visibly thicker, more beautiful, shiny hair but also nourishes the scalp and hair follicle, where the hair is formed. This unique formula is based on apple extract in combination with millet, horsetail, amino acids, biotic, zinc and copper. The content of zinc and biotin helps maintain normal hair and normal skin, while copper contributes to normal pigmentation of the hair.

Amazing clinical results

While the growth cycle of hair is long and can take 3 to 6 years to complete, you don't have to wait forever to see results when taking Hair Volume™. Our "Gold Standard" clinically tested Hair Volume™ formula, confirmed in the 2018 Paris study, shows that hair will grow thicker and denser in two months. Nine out of 10 participants felt their hair was more beautiful than before, and 7 out of 10 reported feeling stronger after using Hair Volume™.

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Thinning hair?

Is your hair thinning? Many feel awkward or ashamed because of thinning or shedding hair. Do you experience thinning hair, and has it affected your self-esteem or how you feel about yourself? If you are looking for a solution that would help you get thicker, shinier, and more beautiful hair, we have something that could help you.

Recommended by people all over the world

The best-reviewed hair tablet in the World

In addition to your fellow women praising Hair Volume™, this fantastic tablet has received several beauty awards throughout Europe and North America. Hair Volume™ is probably the most award-winning hair tablet in the World.