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Teri Hatcher Reveals Why She’s the New Nordic Hair Volume™ Global Ambassador

For Teri Hatcher, the acclaimed Hollywood actress and international lifestyle icon, natural and positive health and wellbeing solutions are core to achieving the best from life – now and in the longer term. Her YouTube channel ‘Hatching Change’ was inspired by her personal quest to discover what ‘living healthily’ means. She says: “Being over 50 is time to take stock and really mindfully CHOOSE what it is you want out of life –and then making it happen. I always come back to wanting to be able to DO things. I want to be strong physically and mentally and stay motivated to make good choices about nutrition. I meditate and I exercise too. I try to do all this regularly so my body can do things long into the future. All of my body needs to be healthy – including my hair.”

By her own admission, Teri’s hair has been through a lot over the years. She explains: “The truth is, I was not blessed with amazing hair. When I was young it was frizzy with strange cowlicks I didn’t know how to manage. When I was pregnant, it was suddenly thick and fabulous, then after my daughter’s birth it thinned away again – and then the peri-menopause rollercoaster started. It now seems to be more settled and I feel I’m the perfect candidate to lean on a vitamin supplement for some hair support, which I’ll treasure and where I can feel the benefit. That’s why I was so excited when I was asked to be an ambassador for New Nordic’s Hair Volume™.

Seeing a Difference with New Nordic Hair Volume™
Teri continues: “I’ve been taking the product daily for just six weeks and although it seems a short amount of time to see a difference, I actually think I do. It just really does feel like it’s stronger. I also think the mindfulness of remembering to take it once a day might be trickling down to my other self-care. Taking the Nordic Hair Volume™ supplement regularly is like a signal telling me to eat well and sleep and exercise. It’s acting as though it’s a catalyst for healthy behavior and is a great addition to my daily routine, in more ways than one.”

Keeping it Natural
Teri adds: “Of course, I’m not a doctor or hair expert, but I think everyone should make sure they try to get the best nutrients to address their personal needs. It’s really important to me that New Nordic Hair Volume™ contains natural ingredients. I also use good products in regards to shampoo and conditioner and even the brushes I use are easy on my hair. I try to let it be natural when I can and use heat-protecting sprays when I’m styling it. When you’re over 50, you should talk to your doctor to check out your hormone balance and also ensure you’re getting all the right nutrients, so again, that’s why New Nordic Hair Volume could be a good addition to your routine.”

Putting on the Style
Teri’s fame means she’s often on show, so it’s important for her hair to look the part: “My signature Red Carpet is to hire a great hair stylist! It really is fun to work with them, so while I typically go for soft curls and just wavy, sexy and natural as a look, it’s fun to switch that up too. Keeping my hair in shape all the time is another matter – up to now, I’ve felt that every day could be a possible hair disaster! However, I believe that beautiful hair comes from within and for that reason, I recommend Hair Volume™ by New Nordic.”

New Nordic Hair Volume™ 
Hair loss affects a staggering 50% of women and is caused by stress, nutritional or scalp disorders, overuse of styling products and tools, hair extensions, post-partum and even genetics. Losing hair can knock confidence and create unnecessary stress and anxiety. That’s why New Nordic has developed Hair Volume™, a food supplement which helps maintain healthy hair and is documented to give you thicker and more beautiful hair, whilst also providing natural nutrients for hair, nails and skin.

The tablets are based on a unique Swedish apple and millet formula with amino acids, silica and vitamins to provide essential nutrients for hair follicles, skin and nails. These unique tablets are the first to contain a natural apple extract with a natural proanthocyanidine content.

The tablets also supply the hair root with nutrients. Biotin and pantothenic acid are essential B vitamins, which play a central role in hair follicle and skin tissue metabolism and the maintenance of healthy hair, skin and nails. Millet is a gluten-free cereal with a natural miliacin content. Silica is a natural mineral important for skin and nails. The amino acid L-cysteine is a component of keratin, ie. the protein which hair is primarily made up of. Keratin helps to make hair stable and helps to keep it strong and supple. Take 1 tablet per day with a glass of water.

Teri Hatcher is the global ambassador for New Nordic Hair Volume™. 

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