What is Hydrolized Collagen?

Hydrolized collagen (also known as collagen peptides) is collagen that has been broken down into dissolvable amino acids, so it can be easily absorbed into the bloodstream and work in harmony with your body.

Collagen makes up around 75% of our skin, – the largest organ in the body.

As we age, the collagen in our skin degrades and this decreased collagen production is a major contributor to visible skin ageing such as loss of elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles. To combat this, our new Hydrolized Collagen Shot™ is a great way to keep the natural collagen levels high.

At New Nordic we believe that the first step towards healthy skin starts from within which is why we are excited to launch the highly-effective hydrolized Collagen Shot™ as part of the Beauty In & Out range.

Collagen Shot™
A Scandinavian beauty breakthrough!

Collagen and magic cherry coffee extract in a ready to drink sachet.

New Nordic presents the new Collagen Shot™ which provides a daily concentrated dose of 5 g collagen in a premium liquid sachet, pre-mixed and ready to drink with a natural berry flavour. Designed to fit effortlessly into your everyday beauty routine.

It is estimated that our bodies produce one percent less collagen every year at the beginning of our twenties. Collagen Shot™ contains premium hydrolysed freshwater marine collagen combined with cherry coffee extract that has a natural content of flavonoids and polyphenols. The formula is also enriched with vitamin C which contributes to normal formation for the normal function of the skin as well as the protection of cells from oxidative stress.

For exceptional results, Collagen Shot™ can also be combined with the Beauty In & Out™ collagen range – a complete beauty routine. A beauty range that works in harmony with your body.



The perfect skincare routine to reduce fine lines and wrinkles

New Nordic specialises in herbal supplements and beauty products based on scientific studies, resulting in innovative, effective, and pure products that work in harmony with your body.

We believe that by using supplements and skincare beauty products with the same active herbal and nourishing ingredients, your skin will get the best treatment from the inside-out. A new and holistic way of taking care of your skin.

Treating the skin inside-out is exactly what our new and innovative beauty routine is all about. Beauty In & Out™ is a revolutionary beauty treatment that gives remarkable results by supporting your skin's complete ecosystem both on the surface and under.


Understanding skin types

There are many different skin types. Internal and external factors can influence how your skin looks. By identifying your skin type and the skin condition that you desire, you can determine the best products for your skin.

New Nordic can help you look and feel beautiful.


There are many factors that can cause our skin to age. One thing is certain; with time, we all get visible lines on our faces. As part of the natural aging process, our skin loses some of its youthful fullness. But it is never too late to benefit from an anti-age treatment.

Reduce the appearance of wrinkles and get firmer skin with Collagen Shot™, Natural Magic™ Anti-Ageing Cream and Amazing Eye™ Cream.

Combine them and achieve:

  • Fewer visible wrinkles
  • A more youthful skin appearance
  • Firmer skin


Daily moisturizing is important for healthy looking skin and should be part of any good skincare routine. Keeping your skin hydrated is a good way to maintain your skin’s beautiful appearance. Using an effective moisturizing mask on clean skin and taking a collagen supplement can be a great way of taking care of your skin from the inside-out.

Get clean and moisturized skin by using Collagen Shot™, Pure & Natural™ Deep Cleansing Balm and Intense Marine™ Mask.

Combine them and achieve:

  • The feeling of a well-moisturized skin
  • A more youthful skin appearance
  • Firmer skin


Having a balanced skin means that the overall moisture and sebum is balanced and the skin is glowing and plump. Balanced skin requires moisture and care to maintain its healthy balance and to keep feeling smooth and soft.

Collagen Shot™, Natural Magic™ Firming Serum and Intense Marine™ Mask can give you moisturized skin with a healthy glow.

Combine them and achieve:

  • Supple, soft and moisturized skin
  • A more youthful skin appearance
  • Firmer skin


By reducing wrinkles and lines you can help make your skin appear more even and healthy-looking. Get smoother skin with Pigment Clear™ Serum, Pigment Clear™ Cream and Skin Care™ Pigment Clear.

Combine them and achieve:

  • Nutrients that support your skin’s normal pigmentation
  • Smooth, glowing and supple skin
  • A more youthful skin appearance

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